What sort of person do you go for? Date

Interesting question. Last time I went on a date it was a year ago and I’ve change since those time.
I’ll say it must be a female with good sense of humor and she must be confident about herself. Something like that.

Are you single?


What is your favorite body part of yours?


I'm sorry about what happened in September.

Me too, J.

I have seen some your comments in Russian on your InstagramAre you Russian?By the way I am Russian and I am really proud of such a talented compatriotEnjoy your great works and dream about coming to LA for couple of photos from great photographer without his own camera who drinks and smokes and eats junk food

Yes, I am Russian. Thank you so much for your kind words! haha I gave up drinking and eating junk by the way :)

Actually I am happy to be one of these people who follow you and enjoy your fantastic shots,wish you an endless inspiration and gorgeous models!

Thank you so much!

you shoot like a fucken boss lol good shit!

Haha! Thank you :)

What does moisnomois mean?

MOIS are the first four letters of my last name, that’s how I’ve been called since childhood. 

I fuckin' love your work man! What's your equipment if ya don't mind me asking..?

Thank you. I’m using 5d mark II and 5d mark III. Depends which one store has. I have to rent it, since I don’t have my own DSLR.