would you go for eos 50D as a first kit?

Great camera as a first kit. Buy a 50mm f1.8 and you’ll be happy with it. I’ve started with Nikon D80 which is rare as hell. Better equipment only saves you time in post-production.

How do you manage to deal with the constant flash on your instax film?

Sometimes I cover it with my finger if I want to use natural light only. I’m going to post a few pictures tomorrow, you’ll see.

Dude you're seriously amazing. I'm obsessed with how you edit photos so clean and the skin tone is perfect. Do you use VSCO presets when editing? What are some tips on getting skin tones to look like that in Photoshop?

Thank you. No, I never use vsco on my photos. Photoshop only. Idk, selective color is a really helpful tool.

What sort of person do you go for? Date

Interesting question. Last time I went on a date it was a year ago and I’ve change since those time.
I’ll say it must be a female with good sense of humor and she must be confident about herself. Something like that.

Are you single?


What is your favorite body part of yours?


I'm sorry about what happened in September.

Me too, J.